DJ  John Chamie  - Sunshine Promotional Cassette - 1992

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DJ John Chamie - Sunshine Promotional Cassette - 1992


DJ  John Chamie - Colorado 

Sunshine Promotional Cassette - 1992

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I rolled into Colorado circa 1989 and was excited to discover the "Express Club" in Boulder and possibly Colorados first rave crew "Energy Posse" with DJ John Chamie involved.  Just a bit later the "Poor Boys" crew from San Diego relocated to Boulder and started to throw parties, with John as guest DJ.

I love all the DJs in Colorado and danced to everyones sets with much joy but John's sets touched me dearly by his warmth, soul, funk and unique take.  I was a big fan! Later I was introduced and he invited me to his pad for an IronFeather Journal interview.  I see him as a kind, intelligent, talented, international artist and learning that he has relocated to Berlin sounds perfect.  Bravo to mister Chamie!  Thanks for all the cool beats!

SHOUTS: John Chamie, Energy Posse, Poor Boy ProductionsTerraform RecordsColorado Ravers, Feile, Wendy Buck (converted this tape in the past),  MTN-Raves ListersElectronic Air Radio, Hotty, Soulflower, Ernie J Villalobos, Sugar Twist Kids, Nebula9, Terra B., Mother Earth Sound System, Evenflo and everyone else and especially you most of all, love you!:wub:

Another John Chamie mix online:  ( John ) Chamie - Back In '88 Pt. 1 ( Side A )

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