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Mighty Greetings to yew.

Welcum to the CHOOONZ & WAREZ IFJ016CD001 cee dee info page!

The Iron Feather Journal has released a major double set enhanced CD package!

BANDS: Hell's Half Acre from DenverDeadly Buda from Deadly Systems RecordsFeral from ColoradoP.O.W. from WalesAn Aquatic Ape from Sheffield, England, Dev/Null from BoulderScat from Club Synergy69Valentine from Denver via the East Coastph10 featuring Clark ov Saturn from Denver, Aba Structure from Boulder + Toronto, CanadaTerboTed from San FranciscoPrince Charming from DetroitMULTICAST/Obliq from ColoradoThe Spoon Wizard from EnglandThe Cristal Methodists from the West CoastD.M.S.O. from ColoradoAgent Babylon (terraform records)The Vandal (terraform records) and special guests presenting spoken word, sound effects, etc. On disc two there are 17 tracks, with the static beauty of track one readable by any computers cd-rom player. Track one is about 240 megs of CD-ROM goodies all in web page format, thus any computer using a web browser such as NETSCAPE can view the cd-rom goodies. CD-ROM: About 240 megs of wicked shyt from the underground! Libraries of cool graphix, samples, resources and contacts! Also over 15 hours of bonus audio tracks , musiks and interviews crunched down ready to play on yer web browser.

2019: The master CDs & artwork have been located!
Now available : Hokkaido Market. (link updated FEB-2022)
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Label Iron Feather Journal ‎– IFJCD001
Format CDr, Compilation
Released 1997
Country USA, Canada & UK
Genre Electronic
Style Abstract, Acid, Ambient, Big Beat, Breakcore, Deep House, Downtempo, Drum n Bass, Dub Techno, Experimental, Hardcore, House, IDM, Illbient, Industrial, Leftfield, Neofolk, Noise, Psy-Trance, Tech House, Techno, Tribal

01.    DJ Hendy   -  "Intro"    
02.    pH10  -  "Kicks"    
03.    Iron Feather  -   "Bong"    
04.    Phun -   "Intoxicating Smoke"    
05.    Agent Babylon  -  "Liquid Loops" (Eric Gerd, Jeremy Golden, John Chamie)
06.    ABA Structure  -   "Lunadub"  (Kenji Williams)
07.    The Vandal  -   "Nickleplated"  (Eric Gerd, Jeremy Golden, John Chamie)
08.    Iron Feather, Devslashnull, Galen  -   "Legalize"    
09.    Chocki  -  "Chocki's Loop"    
10.    69Valentine -   "Circular Rationale"  (Andy Pfeiffer)
11.   Lorien -    "Spoken word"   
12.    Terbo Ted -    "WubbaWubbaWubba"    
13.    Sara Hankins  -  "untitled"    
14.    Prince Charming -  "Like a Flickering Celluloid Moonbeam on the View Screen"    
15.    D.M.S.O.  -  "First Born" (instrumental)    
16.    Deadly Buda  -  "Deadly Deeds"    
17.    Phun  -  "Tone Sweep"    
18.    Devslashnull  -  "Rasp The Igloo Noodle"    
19.    DJ Hendy  -  "Hillbilly dj"    
20.    Scat (5)  -  "Duodenum"  (E23)



Label Iron Feather Journal ‎– IFJCD002
Format CDr, Compilation, Enhanced
Released 1997
Country USA, Canada & UK
Genre Electronic, Rock
Style Abstract, Neofolk, Breakbeat, Psy-Trance, Ambient, Experimental, IDM, Leftfield, Alternative Rock, Swamp Pop, Post-Punk, Techno, Tribal, Psychobilly

01.    Iron Feather - CD-ROM Data Track    
02.    Elephant &   Identify    
03.    Plant O Wyddelwern  -  "Fy Mab I Ar Y Lleuad"    
04.    Plant O Wyddelwern -   "Can I Lewis"    
05.    Charles Uzzell-Edwards  -  "Hey! Octopus Man"    
06.    Sama  -  "Deprogramming"    
08.    Phun -   "Redbox quarter tones"    
07.    Multicast -   "Hall of the Inverted Mushrooms"    
09.    DJ Hendy -   "Moose Juice"    
10.    Iron Feather -   "Stoned" (Iron Feather mix)    
11.    The Spoon Wizard -   "Lower Lip Weird Fashion Beard"    
12.    Totter Todd  -  "The Birth"    
13.    Aquatic Ape -   "Peanut Vendor"    
14.    The Black Dog -   "Track With 3 Names"    
15.    Phun -   Record spin    
16.    Lorien -   "Spoken word"    
17.    The Christal Methodists  -  "Attention Please"    
18.    Hell's Half Acre -     "Jammin Gerbils"




CHOONZ & WAREZ reviewed by Denver's weekly WESTWORD NEWSPAPER "Iron Feather's Choonz and Warez, issued under the auspices of Steven Prothero (the indefatigable publisher of Iron Feather Journal, a noteworthy Boulder 'zine), is an impressive and nicely varied double-CD compilation of electronic music and assorted oddities, much of it made by Coloradans. Denver DJ John Chamié is associated with "Liquid Loops," by Agent Babylon, and "Nickleplated," by the Vandal; the city's 69 Valentine offers up the enticing "Circular Rationale"; DJ Hendy, another area resident, excels on "Bhong" and "Moose Juice"; and Deadly Buda, Feral, Multicast, Lorien and past Westword profile subjects pH-10 and Hell's Half Acre make strong contributions. Add in tracks by dance-world heavyweights like The Black Dog and you've got a lot of interesting music in one convenient package."
 CHOONZ & WAREZ reviewed by Italy's NEURAL Magazine. "Doppio cd-compilation di techno, acid e trance grezza di strada, suonata dall'underground globale con epicentro Boulder (Colorado). Questo set, che ospita fra l'altro anche i sempre solidali Black Dog, prende vita nella collezione di elementi masterizzata all'interno della traccia rom presente sul secondo disco. Oltre ai trentasei brani, quindi, ci sono oltre duecentotrenta mega di campioni sonori, drum loops, risorse varie, interessanti file di testo, interviste a grouppi musicali, font, elenchi di contatti, midi file, animazioni, numeri di serie, una galleria di immagini ben poco convenzionali e alcuni set di disegni psichedelici, Il tutto organizzato in html, e ricco di spunti della tecnologia personale che si unisce nello scambio gratuito e avversa con tutte le sue forze l'omologazione. I ricavati della vendita mail order andranno a finanziare il prossimo numero di Iron Feather Journal, la zine aperiodica, che scandaglia nelle acque torbide del sottobosco americano."

  I must say I found IFJ's double CD set very refreshing. Although it does not contain as much raw data as on other warez related CD's I've seen this one makes up for it by introducing me to some unusual musical talents. 

There are two CD's in this set. The first is all music, the second is a mixed media ROM and audio. All together there are 36 audio tracks. Many of them are just little 10-15 second shorts. There are, however, some very professional and very well omposed tracks that I thought were very good. Among my personal favorites were "Hall of the Inverted Mushroom" by Multicast, "The Birth" by Feral, and a really cool remix of the AC/DC song "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" called "Deadly Deeds" done by Deadly Buda. All in all you should force yourself to take the time to listen to these examples of audio artistry. You may be surprised at you you may find you like! Oh, and you'll find a track of Red Box quarter tones, too!!! :) 

Anyway, on to the Warez!!! The ROM portion is all set up in HTML code so all you have to do is load up your favorite web 
browser and load up the index.HTML file. From there you can navigate your way around the CD and find all sorts of useful info. 
There is such a large array of different items that I'm sure there's gonna be something useful to be found for everyone. 

In one section you'll find tons of images. There's various logo's and pics of people, posters, places, and things that probably 
were influenced by vast amounts of illegal substances from the sixties!! Also, you'll find animated GIFs as well in addition to 
some tileable cells which are excellent for backgrounds on webpages. All these images are presented for your use. It's a great 
little source of material for spicing up your webpage or personal publications. 

Next, your gonna find one hell of a huge section on audio files. We're not talking your simple pile of strange and bizarre sound 
.WAV files, although there is quite a collection of those. There's a large collection of MIDI files as well. There's even a few Real 
Audio files for your listening pleasure. And for all you home audio studio technophile types you're gonna find some drum loops 
and groove samples for your favorite drum machines. Heck, there's even some files on how to hack your favorite drum 
machine. Oh, you'll also find a couple of MOD files too, although I would have liked to have seen more. I personally know 
there's some really awesome stuff that was done on those Amiga's out there and would really like to see more of it brought out 
for the IBM users of today. 

Now for the goodz. Just take a look through the resources section and you're gonna find all sorts of philes on hacking, 
cracking, phreaking, survival, information warfare, even drugs (although I personally think that could have been left out). 
There's even a whole section on MIDI hacks. This CD really is musically oriented and influenced. There's also a section which 
is taken from the Group 42 Sells Out CD-ROM. There's also some religious works for all you philosophical types. Oh, and lest 
I forget, there's also a nice big list of serial numberz…no warez archive can be without your serial numberz…they make the 
world go round!!! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 CD set. The music was great and the information useful. This is definitely an all around try to please 
everybody piece of work that I think definitely succeeds in doing so.