DJ-Jackalope-Side-A-192 mp3

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DJ-Jackalope-Side-A-192 mp3

DJ Jackalope  [Orbis Magazine]

Greets! Recently I bought a mixer that supports USB out so I am starting to encode cassette mixtapes to MP3. Happy to share a mix by DJ Jackalope circa 1999. Jackalope (outa Ft. Collins) produced one of the longest running rave zines in Colorado called ORBIS. She was part of the original old skool mountain raves list, helped organize events, DJed parties and supported the underground scene and continues today to DJ, create, produce and be active in various underground scenes around the USA. Check out the banging side-A of her 1999 mixtape.  

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mixtape cassette encoded to mp3 by stevyn ironfeather - July 2020