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Alexander Mundy
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Maxim Magazine, Editor-in-Chief,'s Hottest Moment (Ever)

Post by Alexander Mundy » Sat Jan 02, 2010 12:25 am

Maxim Magazine Editor in Chief, Joe Levy: ... -/Joe+Levy

thinks that the death of Michael Jackson is one the "Hottest Moments of 2009". ... ts+of+2009

Amusing? MAybe; but, hot?

Jackson may have been a good dancer, singer, song writer, musician, tilt-a-whirl operator; but one thing he was not is hot.

One of the things that detracted from Jackson's appeal as a performer was his emaciation which was as sexually distasteful of an attribute as I can imagine. Like watching a death-camper dance. Whoo-hoo! Shake that bootie, err, I mean shake those femurs!

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