sapporo craft beer pubs

An American's experience in North Japan (Hokkaido) Hosted by Stevyn IronFeather.
Everyone is welcome to add experiences, infos and links.
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sapporo craft beer pubs

Post by Stevyn » Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:20 pm

Adononki Books and Beer Map Web Facebook Stations: Nishihacchome Odori Shiseikanshogakkomae
Beer Cellar Sapporo Map Web Facebook Stations: ChuoKuyakushomae Nishi11Chome
Buddy Buddy Map Web Stations: BusCenterMae Odori Sapporo
Grattacielo Map Facebook Stations: Shiseikanshogakkomae Susukino Nishihacchome
Kalahana Map Web Facebook Stations: Nishihacchome Shiseikanshogakkomae Susukino
Maruyama 9 Map Web Facebook Stations: Maruyamakoen
Mid Night Bakery (B1F) Map Web Twitter Facebook Stations: Susukino
Mugishutei Map Web Facebook Stations: Yamahana9Jo Nakajimakoen
North Island Beer Bar Map Web Stations: BusCenterMae Nishi4Chome Odori
Contact me directly: Ironfeatherbooks (@)


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