Kansas Girl Says 'Superman' Lifted Vehicle off Her

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Kansas Girl Says 'Superman' Lifted Vehicle off Her

Postby Stevyn » Sat Dec 19, 2009 4:15 pm


Kansas Girl Says 'Superman' Lifted Vehicle off Her
Kan. man says he found strength to lift car off 6-year-old who survives with minor injuries
The Associated Press


A Kansas mother is praising a neighbor as a "Superman" after her 6-year-old daughter told her he somehow found the strength to lift a car off her.

Kristen Hough said Friday that her daughter Ashlyn was treated for minor injuries afterward.

Hough's 32-year-old neighbor Nick Harris says he saw a vehicle back out of a driveway and over Ashlyn. He says he doesn't know how he managed to lift the Mercury sedan off the child.

There were no witnesses to confirm the incident last week. But Ottawa police say Ashlyn told them it happened. Lt. Adam Weingartner says he didn't have anything to dispute the account.

Weingartner says it appeared Ashlyn wasn't pinned under the car long enough to be seriously hurt.

Ottawa is 50 miles southwest of Kansas City, Mo.
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Re: Kansas Girl Says 'Superman' Lifted Vehicle off Her

Postby Alexander Mundy » Tue Jun 08, 2010 7:41 pm

Well, it doesn't bother to explain why the operator of the car didn't just drive it off of the girl, but, yes, it is very possible.

People are capable of many things that they won't do because they won't accept the pain and/ or are afraid of the after effects.

Animals do a lot of stuff people won't do because they are unaware of their mortality, hence, no fear. They just do what they have been trained to recognize as what results in the least pain + most reward as defined by the reward's relation to their instinctual function.

Since their primary functions are reproduction/ avoid death; mating, eating and drinking are strong incentives to get the job done even if it means short term pain.

If you're trained for it or programmed to do it under any condition, you probably can and/ or will do it.

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