Sprint Revealed Customer GPS Data 8 Million Times

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Sprint Revealed Customer GPS Data 8 Million Times

Postby Stevyn » Wed Dec 02, 2009 12:06 pm

http://paranoia.dubfire.net/2009/12/8-m ... lance.html

An anonymous reader sends along Chris Soghoian's blog entry revealing that Sprint Nextel provided law enforcement agencies with its customers' GPS location information over 8 million times between September 2008 and October 2009. The data point comes from a closed industry conference that Soghoian attended, at which Paul Taylor, Electronic Surveillance Manager at Sprint Nextel, said: "[M]y major concern is the volume of requests. We have a lot of things that are automated but that's just scratching the surface. One of the things, like with our GPS tool. We turned it on the web interface for law enforcement about one year ago last month, and we just passed 8 million requests. So there is no way on earth my team could have handled 8 million requests from law enforcement, just for GPS alone. So the tool has just really caught on fire with law enforcement. They also love that it is extremely inexpensive to operate and easy, so, just the sheer volume of requests they anticipate us automating other features, and I just don't know how we'll handle the millions and millions of requests that are going to come in." Soghoian's post details the laws around disclosure of wiretap and other interception data — one of which the Department of Justice has been violating since 2004 — and calls for more disclosure of the levels of all forms of surveillance.
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Re: Sprint Revealed Customer GPS Data 8 Million Times

Postby Alexander Mundy » Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:37 pm

[knocking on wood] I better knock on wood here, u never know what wil happen if I say somethng positive or constructive.

I use US Cellular and they are beyond reproach.

They have on-shore customer service and tech support 24/ 7/ 365 and these people ALL know exactly what they are doing.

I have ordered background info on my own phone #, several times, only to be refunded my $ after 72 hours beacuse Intellius couldn't findout shit from US Cellular.

I originally switched to US Cellular because they sponsor The Chicago White Sox.. I'm just fucking witcha. I did it because Sprint ignored the hell out of me when I walked into their store.

So maybe switch to US Cellular.
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