DJ Jenö Mixtape Cassette 1990's

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DJ Jenö - Bang The Drum- Mixtape Cassette 1990's

  • DJ JENEU   DJ Jenö - Bang The Drum
  • Minimal House 
  • Side-A

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1990's: My friend in Denver Colorado had this mixtape of a California DJ Jeneu which I copied onto this cheap cassette.  I am unable to find information on DJ Jeneu, please contact me if you have any details.

UPDATE:  Thank you to Pinguino, FB Groups: I Raved in Colorado During the 90's , I raved in SoCal in the 90s and others for solving this mystery.  It is DJ Jenö -  "Bang The Drum"

I love this smooth, chill, phunky house.  This mix is from 30 years ago but still phresh and phun.

Encoded to mp3 by Stevyn Ironfeather  2022-12-27 Hokkaido Japan