WFNX radio: 1989 Excerpts

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WFNX radio: 1989 excerpts


GREETS!  When I lived close to Boston MA (USA) one joy was to listen to WFNX radio FM.  The DJs were playing alternative, weird, cool new stuff.  So I made an attempt to try and listen and with my finger on the record button of my cassette recorder to capture my favorite tracks they played. This is raw, rough, just a sampling of what I heard on WFNX radio and I am pleased to share this as a MP3 archive. 

This was recorded 1989…

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  • The cassette starts off with an advert for the MANRAY dance club. I enjoyed going there (1989) for the NEW BEAT music.
  • The end of the cassette features a recording of phone phreaks voice mail, announcing that his BBS crashed.
  • SIDE B is recordings from Yo! MTV Raps