DJ Catt (Casa Del Soul Collective) - Cassette

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DJ Catt (Casa Del Soul Collective) - Cassette


DJ Catt  (Casa Del Soul Collective)

As one of the original members of the Casa Del Soul Collective (formed in Boulder, CO around 1994), DJ Catt was one of the top 2nd generation DJs in Colorado’s then emerging rave scene. Taking inspiration from the first generation jocks like Hipp-e, Larry Bishop, Greg Eversoul, and more, DJ Catt’s early days were filled with long digging sessions at the now legendary Albums on the Hill.

When he was able to build up his record collection and his skills behind the decks, DJ Catt found himself in the hot seat as one of the key residents for one of Colorado’s most infamous promoter/production companies called Roofless Productions (started by his very close friend Ryan Rushing).

From there he went on to play some of Colorado’s most important rave events over the years as an opener and a closer for many of the big name headliners who started coming in for events on a weekly and monthly basis.

As with many of the early rave DJs, DJ Catt started his foray into the would of music production. He was the original studio mastermind for the entire Casa Del Soul Crew as he was the first one to build a legitimate production studio to begin making his own beats. From there he would go on to produce records on Casa Del Soul the record label and even found himself on remix duty with DJ Sensé for Lee Burridge and Cass & Slide’s super hot Fire Recordings out of London. His record on Casa Del Soul would become one of the most requested records in the catalog from DJ’s and diggers all over the world.

Brian “DJ Catt” Hull


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