RETURN to EDEN Rave Cassette

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RETURN to EDEN Rave Cassette SIDE- A & SIDE- B


Rave party held in Colorado early 1990's

:P  we are still trying to find out the year this happened , probably 1993.

  :wub:    Download link for MP3 SIDE A



  :wub:    Download link for MP3 SIDE B



POOR BOY PROUCTIONS:   Dj E-BYE-GUM aka Julian visited Colorado for a ski holiday and fell in love with the vibe,  people and beauty of the land.  His inspiration created a migration of cool folks from San Diego California to Colorado.  Poor Boys Productions started up in Boulder Colorado as Julian and Mike-E when they rented a warehouse and started to organize dance parties.

The E-POSSE or ENERGY POSSE in Denver are recognized as Colorado's first rave crew but the Poor Boys Productions crew came in strong and basically befriended and absorbed the E-POSSE folks and organized many large raves in the Colorado scene as well as club nights.

:wub::wub::wub: PLUR and LOVE to all Colorado ravers,  so many good memories.

Wishing you and safe and happy new year 2021!!