Reboot! Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast Remix Project

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Reboot! Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast Remix Project

NEWS:  This project was started in 2015 but after a hard drive crash the material & information was lost. Now a few years later, 2019, I was able to access parts of the damaged hard drive using a different computer that for whatever reason is able to view parts of the drive. I was able to recover 7 of the tracks and some of the artist information.  I am still missing information. Please contact if me if you can help identify the artists. Thank you.

Check out the 7 remixes now at:

We are seeking remixes, dubs, edits, extended, cover versions, mashups, etc. of this song done in any genre or all styles. 

You can also make a 100% new creation, your own trippy breakfast song or even an audio recording of your breakfast.

You retain all rights to your works.  This is a non-profit release to be sold for cost of materials. If enough interest is generated a special vinyl release will be produced as well as the CD releases.

Contact  to participate.