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Friday 20th October - and the venue - the Diplomatische Akademie in Vienna - of the 6th International Sir Richard Burton Conference.


1983 Cassette - Disco from the radio in Montreal




1983: I was on a trip to Montreal Canada and brought along my cassette player, recorded music off the radio.  
1. Soupir - Larmes de métal
2. advert?
3. "Feel Good Party Time" by JR Funk & the Love Machine 
4.  Federico and Marrakech Orchestra - Jeu à deux




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DJ Jenö - Bang The Drum- Mixtape Cassette 1990's




Cyber-Tek Zine Issue #30 released

A periodical covering technology, the computer underground, self-reliance, and preparedness. Established 1990.

WFNX radio: 1989 excerpts


GREETS!  When I lived close to Boston MA (USA) one joy was to listen to WFNX radio FM.  The DJs were playing alternative, weird, cool new stuff.  So I made an attempt to try and listen and with my finger on the record button of my cassette recorder to capture my favorite tracks they played. This is raw, rough, just a sampling of what I heard on WFNX radio and I am pleased to share this as a MP3 archive. 

This was recorded 1989…

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  • The cassette starts off with an advert for the MANRAY dance club. I enjoyed going there (1989) for the NEW BEAT music.
  • The end of the cassette features a recording of phone phreaks voice mail, announcing that his BBS crashed.
  • SIDE B is recordings from Yo! MTV Raps

Arthur Brock's ARB BBS software manual


Hello all,

Finally scanned in the ARB manual by request.  Dedicated to the late Roger Whittaker who gave me the ARB BBS as he ran it and loved it.

60 page manual for ARB BBS software for the c64 or c-128


Firefly - Serenity - music mix

Mix produced for the Equality Now Charity Event 2007.  I used many samples & music from the film & tv shows but also mixed in stuff from other sci-fi shows so purists be warned. Hope you enjoy.

After the event was finished I relocated and this mix was forgotten, not shared til now. While dumping data from an old hard drive I found these samples and the rendered mix created in Abelton Live.     
:wub:Download link for MP3  (192 kbps)           [320 kps version]







DJ X-STATIC Cassette SIDE-A  "Electrocute" (Denver Colorado US)

  DJ X-STATIC set his own path and focused on DJing "breaks" style records which the ravers enjoyed immensely. 

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DJ Carlos  "Buzz"  cassette side A & B


DJ Carlos  "Buzz"  cassette side A

DJ Carlos  became a DJ, following in his father and uncle’s footsteps. He visited one of their parties as a 5 year old kid and knew he wanted to be a DJ after seeing all the happy faces on the audience. He started doing all kinds of DJ jobs growing up and in 1992, Joel from A Rave Called Sharon, found him at a Latin club where he was working and invited him to play at their next party. Since that day DJ Carlos played at every weekend rave in San Francisco. In 1993, DJ Carlos became a Resident at Recycle on Wednesdays and Universal Groove on Thursdays, while still playing Saturday raves and Sunday Spundays.

In 1994, DJ Carlos started his own party with DJ Dutch and DJ Christoff, CDCSoundsystem and still playing raves on the weekends. He then started flying to Denver to play at the Come Together Party with DJ Dan, DJ Hippy, DJ Halo, DJ Terry Mullan, and many others. In 1995, a new party was started called Area 51 and Josh Wink  headlined one of them. DJ Carlos played with DJ Tony, DJ Jeno, DJ Astralmatrixx and DJ Carlos started flying out to Seattle, Portland, New York, Cleveland, and every major city in Ohio, Chicago,and the whole Midwest.…

DJ Byron Holstine Western Approach Cassette 1999

DJ Byron Holstine Western Approach Cassette 1999

Byron Holstine Fuel, Transformation, O.O.H, Snake Pit, Polytechnic Recordings. Trance, Progressive House, Breaks.


Cancer took you from us in 2010 but your legend lives on in the hearts of everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting you ❤🎶❤    - Adam Gaines

DJ Catt (Casa Del Soul Collective) - Cassette


RETURN to EDEN Rave Cassette SIDE- A & SIDE- B


Nebula Nine live at Experiments of Sound II  Denver Colorado 1993 (Cassette)


DJ John Chamie - Sunshine Promotional Cassette - 1992


DJ  John Chamie - Colorado 

Sunshine Promotional Cassette - 1992

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I rolled into Colorado circa 1989 and was excited to discover the "Express Club" in Boulder and possibly Colorados first rave crew "Energy Posse" with DJ John Chamie involved.  Just a bit later the "Poor Boys" crew from San Diego relocated to Boulder and started to throw parties, with John as guest DJ.

I love all the DJs in Colorado and danced to everyones sets with much joy but John's sets touched me dearly by his warmth, soul, funk and unique take.  I was a big fan! Later I was introduced and he invited me to his pad for an IronFeather Journal interview.  I see him as a kind, intelligent, talented, international artist and learning that he has relocated to Berlin sounds perfect.  Bravo to mister Chamie!  Thanks for all the cool…


Boxes of letters, graphics, art, flyers and other materials collected for the IronFeather  Journal zine since 1985 to be scanned and shared at during 2021.


 Boxes of collected materials for my zine are destined for the recycle bin. New plan: scan it all. IRONFEATHER COMPENDIUM: letters, graphics, photos, art, flyers and other materials shared at during 2021. @internetarchive #zine #1980s

In the 1980s my hobby was to visit various local libraries in Michigan and look for books with interesting art & graphics, then hit the xerox shops and make tons of copies. Cut and paste them into collections for me to use in my zine IronFeather Journal. I have many boxes of these.



Good Vibration by Nicol Viljoen

"Good Vibrations" is a song by the American rock band the Beach Boys that was composed by Brian Wilson with lyrics by Mike Love. Released as a single on October 10, 1966, it was an immediate critical and commercial hit, topping record charts in several countries including the US and UK. 

Here is an unique version of Good Vibrations, performed live on stage by High School student Nicol Viljoen, for The Yamaha Electone Organ 1970 Competition in Japan.

Encoded from record to mp3 July 2020 by Stevyn IronFeather

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DJ-Jackalope-Side-A-192 mp3

DJ Jackalope  [Orbis Magazine]

Greets! Recently I bought a mixer that supports USB out so I am starting to encode cassette mixtapes to MP3. Happy to share a mix by DJ Jackalope circa 1999. Jackalope (outa Ft. Collins) produced one of the longest running rave zines in Colorado called ORBIS. She was part of the original old skool mountain raves list, helped organize events, DJed parties and supported the underground scene and continues today to DJ, create, produce and be active in various underground scenes around the USA. Check out the banging side-A of her 1999 mixtape.  

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mixtape cassette encoded to mp3 by stevyn ironfeather - July 2020

SPLASH mixtape 1989 SIDE-B


SPLASH mixtape 1989 SIDE-A 


SPLASH mixtape 1989  SIDE-A  

  • DJ from SPLASH skate board shop East Lansing Michigan USA 
  • cassette mixtape by Tarzan-1 Todd D. Horuczi   [Phun Crew] 1989
  • RIP Tarzan-1 , Love you dear friend. Thank you for the great music.
  • SIDE-A

DOWNLOAD 45 minute .MP3  :rockon:        320 (104 MB)     192 (63 MB)




 1. Pop Will Eat Itself  - Hit the Hi-Tech Groove  
 2. 2 Men, A Drum Machine & A Trumpet - Tired Of Getting Pushed Around
 3.  BIG PIG - Breakaway
 4. 12:52 - ?
 5. 16:50  -  Blake Baxter - Get Layed
 6.  Micro Chip League (MCL) - New York
 7.  Sisters of Mercy - Dominion
 8.   (26:50) = Moonfou - 'Shut Up'
 9.   (28:52) = Boys From Brazil - 'Hot Stuff' (Mortimer's Dance Hall Mix)
 10   (31:45)…

Minneapolis Minnesota


20 years ago I was in Minneapolis Minnesota  at ROOT FEST selling my swag, listening to cool presentations and hanging out with phun hackers.  Be wicked to do this again in 2021.    IronFeather shirts, Phreak shirts, Ironfeather Journals #13-#15. Borrowed laptop :)

sadly no 2000 on archive

Nandalow Radio Show  April 2020
北海道 恵庭(えにわ)市にある、コミュニティFMラジオ局いーにわです。

Hello!  Yukako and I just hosted a radio show in Hokkaido on 77.8 FM and wanted to share this mp3 online now during these difficult times in hopes it will entertain and provide good energy for you.

  1.  Nandalow Radio Show Intro Theme
  2.   Björk - Human Behaviour
  3.  Three Stooges "Hello"  
  4.   Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay
  5. Eric Clapton - Lay Down Sally
  6.  Kenny Rogers - Lady
  7.  Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Islands in the Stream
  8.  The Ventures - Hokkaido Skies
  9.  Vikram Rai aka DJ Prince (Norway) - Money
  10.  Brian Williams feat Lester Holt - Rappers Delight
  11.  ol dirty bastard in the house
  12. Jalin Malin - Walkin-Sage-Demo_Vox
  13.  Bob Dylan - Murder Most Foul

Broadcast schedule on 77.8 FM Radio Eniwa Hokkaido Japan
  • Friday April 3 6pm-7pm
  • Sunday April 5 3pm-4pm
  • Friday April 10 6pm-7pm
  • Sunday April 12 3pm-4pm



Nandalow Bookshop as featured in a new manga by Mr. Kawamori


Shinjuku Swan

crazy disturbing film, worthy.





2ヶ月ぶりのMADです ・盆踊りTrap Remix ・エディマーフィーの睾丸 ・ジャイアンのヨーデル

Origin of the IronFeather Journal no.21 cover is from a phone box on platform no.4 of the Chitose train station. Send your art & infos to be included in the next issue: Stevyn Prothero, 1-6-22, Yamato, Chitose, Hokkaido, 066-0066, Japan.


Get Synced up!    Boys be ambitious!
DJ Stevyn IronFeather 鉄の羽   Amplified MP3s being synced into each other!
Rave * Techno * House * Acid * Industrial * New Beat 
July 6, 2019  8pm, free
Jhons Cafe 北海道千歳市春日町1-1-16 casamila 1F  Chitose Hokkaido
Call 0123-40-0516