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You look taller than Yul Brynner!


5 years ago or so I attended a private art performance event in Sapporo and as I was leaving the petite elderly Japanese hostess spoke in English to me, "You look taller than Yul Brynner!" Haha, I was very surprised! He was 173cm and I am 180. What does that mean? I take it as a compliment, it amuses me, and I am not even sure why. He is a talented star, why would she compare me to him? why him? Now I wonder if she knew him and I am the rare foreigner for her to meet thus the comparison? I want to talk to her again, interview her for my zine. Typing this up I now have another memory of her from a previous encounter, she told me she is a writer.

High Street Kensington markets in London 1982


PHAZE Clothing UK 1980's. On my high school trip we visited the UK during the Spring of 1982 and on my student "free time" I drank Carlsberg Special Brews and explored the High Street Kensington markets in London and discovered a stall selling these t-shirts. Just scanned in this poster tonight and wanted to share. I also have a 500M .tif available if you want for printing or better examination. I bought their "zip jacket" and dream of reproducing it in Japan, seeking a local pattern maker❤ Can you guess what shirt I bought? don't try 🙂 Cheers & hope you have a great day.



Denver : I heard news that Carbone's Italian Deli on 38th closed.  Maybe in 2013?  As I grew up east coast, a good sub was vital and Colorado lacks this but Carbone's was the real deal, was where I went as much as possible.  I remember how engaging matriarch Rosa was to me and everyone waiting in line.  The joy of unwrapping that white butcher paper and enjoying the heavenly sandwich ❤️

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