can you make an audio blurb for my radio show?

Chit chat about the DRiP radio show online as well as broadcasted on KGNU FM in Colorado.
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can you make an audio blurb for my radio show?

Post by Stevyn » Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:07 am


I have been hosting radio shows on KGNU (independent, volunteer, community run, non-commercial) radio station for 14 years now and really enjoy myself as I love collecting various musics and such a blast to share them. I spend tons of tyme listening and researching music from around the world to share. I never have a playlist in advance, I just bring in a collection of phresh tunes and play them as the vibe seems right. The challenge is always almost overwhelming to me but I always do just fine and the experience is the best natural high I know of.

I always try to have live phone interviews of interesting folks, in studio guests, co-hosts, guest DJs, live bands, Dr. Meg with free faux life coaching, old radio bits from Wolfman Jack, spoken word, fake commercials, sound effects, etc

It is so much phun!!

I love the music but what i also love so much is when my friends from around the world get involved by sharing interesting music, interviews, sound files, etc

I want you! Could you make an audio file for me to play on future radio shows?

perhaps you start by saying hellos, introduce yourself, mention any interesting things in your life, mention your projects, and if you would like, mention the radio station information:

"KGNU, Boulder, Denve,r 88.5FM, 1390 AM"

ok sweet, save your audio file as MP3 or whatever you wish and email it now to me : ironfeatherbooks (at)

I will play it on my next radio show and future shows also.

Thank you!!!

Stevyn IronFeather

need an audio tool to record & edit audio files?
Contact me directly: Ironfeatherbooks (@)


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