Bush Beans "Secret" Recipe (Ingredient)

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Alexander Mundy
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Bush Beans "Secret" Recipe (Ingredient)

Post by Alexander Mundy » Mon Apr 05, 2010 9:17 am

After having been subjected to the association of a dog to the


beans I sometimes buy and eat for years, I think I finally figured out what their secret recipe ingredient is.

Could it be that the secret ingredient is pet dander or feces?


Irish Setter hair. Yummy!

Why else would they be so secretive about a dog being so closely associated with a food product and its "secret" ingredient?

Here's the story of the dog, Dookie:


Yes, it is gross. And yes, I am grossed-out by the idea tha I have been eating it for a few years and it now occurs to me that it may have contained dog hair, skin or shit.

That's why I am letting others know: Bush Beans may have pet dander or feces in it because they have a dog around when they are producing.

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