Pumpkn Pie

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Alexander Mundy
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Pumpkn Pie

Post by Alexander Mundy » Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:55 am

Most pumpkin Pie hardly has any pumkin in it; mostly lard, so it makes you fat and slow.

Make pumpkin pie in a fast easy healthy way;

I like to use about an 8x14" glass pan.

line the bottom of your pan w/ 3/8's inch of All-Bran

line sides of pan with low fat wheat thins

sprinkle protein powder onto the bottom of the pan so that it absorbs some of the moisture from the pumpkin filling and boosts protein content.

use a rubber-maid, super-flexy spatula to mix mass amounts of canned, unsweetened, pumpkin in a bowl with pumpkin pie spices (ginger, cloves, cinamon, nutmeg) and some sweetner. EEEasy on the nutmeg there pAl.

Sweetner: I like to use that asspartame stuff but if you don't mind the extra calories, brown sugar does nicley.

use the super flexy, rubberized spatula to slide the mix out of your bowl and into the midst of the pan.

gently spread the mix around so that it covers the all-bran evenly but doesn't displace any.

gently bounce the pan off a dish towel folded on a counter top to consolidate the uncooked pie.

heat in oven at 200-300F for a while.

unless the pumkin was f-ed up in the can, it doesn'tr really need to be cooked, just tatstes better woarm.


P.S. Lynne, a.k.a. "Splendid Table", Rosetta-Kasper makes a big f-ing deal out of nothing.

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