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R E C O N 2 0 1 5 CFP

Post by Stevyn » Tue Jan 20, 2015 12:16 am

R E C O N 2 0 1 5 . '
. C F P ' .
' https://recon.cx
. June 19 to 21, 2015 .
Montreal, Canada .

REcon is a computer security conference with a focus on reverse
engineering and advanced exploitation techniques. It is held annually
in Montreal, Canada.

The conference offers a single track of presentations over the span
of three days along with technical training sessions held before
the presentation dates. Technical training varies in length between
two and four days.

REcon 2015 is almost upon us. As with years past, it will offer a
great lineup of trainings, talks from some of the top reversers in the
world, and a lot of fun.

Attendees help define the event. They have always been, and will always
be, those looking to learn something new, share ideas, and unwind in a
welcoming environment. With the release of this CFP, we are happy to
announce registration is now open.

We are now inviting speakers to submit proposals for this year's talks.
Some guidelines for talks are:

- 30 or 60 minute presentations
- We are open to proposals for workshops that would occur alongside
- There will be time for five to ten minute informal lightning talks
during the REcon party

Registration for training is also now open. This year we have another
great set of trainings available:

- Reversing telecom platforms for security by Philippe Langlois (2
days: 17-18 June)
- Hardware Hacking by Joe Grand (2 days: 17-18 June)
- The Exploit Laboratory: Advanced Browser Exploitation by Saumil
Shah (2 days: 15-16 June)
- The Exploit Laboratory: Master by Saumil Shah (2 days: 17-18 June)
- Security of BIOS/UEFI System Firmware from Attacker's and Defender's
Perspective by Yuriy Bulygin (3 days: 16-18 June)
- Reverse Engineering Malware by Nicolas Brulez (4 days: 15-18 June)
- Windows Internals for Reverse Engineers by Alex Ionescu (4 days:
15-18 June)
- Botnet Takeover Attacks for Reverse Engineers by Brett Stone-Gross
and Tillmann Werner (4 days: 15-18 June)
- Windows Kernel Rootkits Techniques and Analysis by Bruce Dang (4
days: 15-18 June)
- Utilizing Programmable Logic for Analyzing Hardware Targets by
Dmitry Nedospasov (4 days: 15-18 June)
- OS X Kernel Internals for Security Researchers by Stefan Esser (4
days: 15-18 June)

The conference talks in the following fields are encouraged (but not
limited to):

- Hardware reverse engineering
- Software reverse engineering
- Protocol reverse engineering
- Finding vulnerabilities and writing exploits
- Novel data visualization for hackers and reverse engineers
- Bypassing security and software protections
- Attacks on cryptography in hardware and software
- Techniques for any of the above on new or interesting architectures
- Wireless hacking (We aren't talking about wifi here)

How to submit:

Please send your submission to cfp2015 at reconcx in plain text format.
You may send additional supporting documentation in other formats.

Please include:

- Speaker name(s) and/or handle
- Contact information, e-mail, and cell phone (optional)
- Presentation title
- Presentation subtitle
- Length of presentation between 30 or 60 minutes (including 5-10 min
for questions)
- Description of the presentation
- Brief biography
- If available, presentation supporting materials (website, code,
paper, slides, outline, ...)
- And why it is cool, or why you want to present it
- If we are allowed to release the video of the presentation
- Country of origin (Passport origin, current geographical location)
- Let us know if you need help with a Canadian visa (So we can start
the procedure early)
- Whether your employer will pay for your travel or if you need
assistance from us.

Get back to us soon! The first round of the CFP will end on March 27,
and the CFP closes on April 24. The first round of talks will be
announced during the first week of April and the final selection will
be announced during the first week of May.
Contact me directly: Ironfeatherbooks (@) gmail.com


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