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Sell your zine or small press publication on

Howdy, I have been publishing zines since 1987, managing a bookshop since 2003 and dedicated to the zine & small press scene for ages. Recently I am listing my own zines and other zines on  and invite you to let me list your zine also.

I have the pro account & experience and can have your zine for sale on within 24 hours. Simply fill out the form below, submit $5 to help my future zine printing  and send me a copy of your zine in the mail.

Cheers! - Stevyn IronFeather

1. Fill out the form down below with your zine information & upload a picture of your publication.

2. Mail your zine to: Stevyn IronFeather, POB 1905, Boulder, Colorado, 80306, USA.

3. Include $5 in the mail you send or for quicker listing use paypal now.   I will email you back with confirmation. Thanks and enjoy!

 Question? Drop me email or send me a text,  (720)663-7486, and I will get right back to you asap.

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