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PRESS RELEASE :: Phuture Conference Denver OCT 11

Tuesday, August 19 2014 @ 12:43 AM MDT

phuture conference


Press Release August 2014
For immediate publication

At a press conference held today, officials from the Phuture Conference, have announced heretofore covert plans to stage a "Hacker Conference" in Denver, Colorado on October 11th of this year, beginning at or around 9 am in a location to be announced. The event will end around 9pm with a dance party.

Phuture is a small scale relaxed technology conference held annually in Denver Colorado. Topics include hacker/infosec, maker scene, DIY engineering, electronic + experimental music, gamers, anime, underground computer topics and general geekery. We will also be screening the 2014 Austrian cyberpunk film "Gstettensaga"

"There will probably be a helluva a lot of inebriated script kiddies and free PHUTURE tattoos offered there," Mr. Paco Nathan, was overheard saying to some friends during the swank, three-hour press conference.

Officials from the Department of Homeland Security based in the Colorado region have refused comment, but one undisclosed source close to the DHS claimed that the government had been tracking such Hacker gatherings -- code words for what he termed as "Riotous Orgies" -- and will probably take the organizers into custody long before any such disturbance could actually be perpetrated. "We hear about these things happening," the official remarked, "and we oftentimes just don't have time to respond, let alone buy tickets." Tickets for the gathering are rumored to be about 10 bucks, and will be available at the door just prior to the event. .

The conference will be a relaxed meet up, featuring one or two rooms of mini presentations dealing with computer security & hacking but also some talks on various aspects of underground cyberpunk culture. Demos & vending area will be open all day.

The Phuture Honor award will be presented to Bill Heasty the owner of the defunct NEWSLAND newsstands that flourished around Denver til the net killed print. Mr. Heasty's shops featured zines such as 2600, Paladin Press, Loompanics & other underground publications.

For schedule of talks and location info please check updates at

Any press wishing to set up an interview with Stevyn IronFeather call (720)663-7486 or email Reporters planning to attend should RSVP to No photography allowed.

We are still seeking presenters, vendors, sponsors and volunteers: get involved!
*Tip of hat to Paco & Phreaknic!



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