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Nederland Colorado's 'Michigan Mike' Torpie

Saturday, November 26 2011 @ 02:37 AM MST

Michigan Mike on KGNU radio:

I always thought Mike would be such a fun guest on KGNU as he has such a love of music and finally after years of invites he did join me on the Afternoon Sound Alternative show on KGNU and he was excited, nervous and did a great job!

He presented exclusive recordings from his NEDFEST.

I have many memories of Mike but one I enjoy was his mastery of scrabble! I don't think anyone could best him in Nederland.  

A few weeks ago Mike was driving about in his new NEDFEST RV and kidnapped me for some fun adventures. He was so alive and vibrant. I am angry and upset with this news of his passing... but anyone that was hanging with Mike knew of his struggles and this was a possible destiny.

I owe you a pint Mike cuz you treated me just over the street recently.  Miss you already you bastard!!!  arg!!!

download the Michigan Mike MP3:

PS:  oh Mike! MOFO!!!



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