IronFeather Journal #15

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IronFeather Journal #15

Postby Stevyn » Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:21 am

IronFeather Journal #15

Single Issue Magazine: 132 pages
Publisher: Phun Key Publications; 15 edition (1996)
Language: English

listed on ... B008QYAUU2

Perfect bound magazine.An extremely cool and progressive zine touching on computing, phreaking, geeking, drugs, rave culture, blue boxes, BBS phone numbers, hacking, and such. George on techno music and The Black Dog, plus an interview. Underground Press Conference in Chicago, spotlight on Julee Peezlee and Dyslexic. Interview with Andrew Barker of 808 State. Toby Marks on Banco de Gaia. Questions for Dr. Ducky Doolittle. The best Hong Kong and Kung Fu movies. Doghead Cola on Leary. Mogg Morgan & Ruth Killick. UK band Eat Static. Who is the Aquatic Ape? Zine, music reviews. Interview with Nebulanine. Boxed Macaroni & Cheese review. Cellular Fraud in the UK. Scanner data exchange. Retail Skamz instructions. Kool Tapez. Andre the Giant sticker campaign. Book reviews. BioDiesel. Bonnie Burton on hacking the Internet. Wild stuff, with lots of adverts for related media.

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If you are local you can find a free copy of this vintage zine at the Concoctory Hackerspace and the Denver hackerspace (denhac)
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