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IronFeather Journal no. 20

Mon May 11, 2015 6:29 am


* English & Japanese.
* Seeking articles, stories, interviews, reviews, art, comics, photos, poetry.
* UnClassified ADs are free. Email yours to Stevyn@IronFeather.com
* AD space for trade with other zines, free.
* AD space for sale for cheap. Please support.
* Send us music & zines to review.
* DEADLINE: July 1, 2015

The new issue will premiere at the Sapporo Japan Zine Fest July 20, 2015.

IronFeather Journal no. 20 will be sold in select shops in Japan, USA and UK. Copies can be ordered online from ironfeather.com



文章のみは無料、EメールはSteven IronFeather.com へ


広告のスペースお安くします どうぞご協力お願いします

ミュージック、雑誌を送って下さい レビューします


Re: IronFeather Journal no. 20

Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:06 am

msg for Eddie:

new ifj zine is A4 (Japan paper size) folded in half, kinda like 2600 magazine:

a4.jpg (22.75 KiB) Viewed 38215 times

so one page would be

14.5 cm wide by 21 cm tall

the centerfold would be 21 cm tall x 29 cm wide

option 1: you can be featured somewhere. you send me art via email and I will print it somewhere in the IFJ zine for sure. free advert space for you as well.

option 2 : you can have the centerfold. means you control, print the actual page and mail at least 100-300 to me ASAP to Japan. its both sides, so you design the centerfold and then the back pages will be two separate pages of art & content that you want. Ship it to me pronto so I can include it for the big zine fest here on July 20th.

let me know if any questions about size etc. you are 1st pick for designing the centerfold. time is limited so does not have to be art created new, scans from your portfolio are fine for sure. cheers from Japan! you should visit!

Re: IronFeather Journal no. 20

Mon Jun 22, 2015 2:39 am


this is a MINI-Interview for you:

our new issue of the magazine is being printed in A4 (turned sideways) format sorta like 2600 magazine or typical USA zine size. A4 is slightly larger...

Trying to squeeze in as much info & art as possible

1. Introduce yourself:

2. What is your current cool project in works?

3. What is your global contact info?

Email me one photo or logo, art work to:


asap thank you! deadline is JULY 1st 2015

Re: IronFeather Journal no. 20

Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:49 pm

Spray Painting IFJ covers!!! Yeppers! Iron Feather Journal no. 20 is now available for the first time, to USA, Canada, UK & Europe... $10= zine, CD+ postage from Japan. $20 for two copies of zine + 2 CDs & Japanese sticker pack. email me @ Stevyn@IronFeather.com if interested. The zine is action packed with reviews, global contacts, cyberpunk articles + stories, cool art, phreaking dox via john falcon, poetry + interview with chris mosdell, black mist news, fashion by mona lucero, book excerpt by brad carter {phone losers of america}, hacker network, cheap tokyo tips, autonomous mutant festival, johannes [monochrom] , interview with dj mayuko, art by lin rhys, herman shorts, airick redwolf, excerpt from maurice leblanc's "on the top of the tower" , syntax error!!!! and lots more! world's 2nd best hacker + cyberpunk magazine (established 1987). cheers

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