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Wal Mart Generosity

Postby Alexander Mundy » Mon Nov 22, 2010 9:58 am

In their unusually generous ::sad and inimitable way,Wal Mart is offering to match all advertised specials this Christmas shopping season.

Get the printing presses rolling!

Seriously, these f-ers aren't happy to put mom and pop out of business the other 300 days of the year. They want to do it @ Christmas too!

I will be so glad if someone prints 10,000 circulars offering $1 flat-screen TV's.

I mean what is Wal Mart going to do, phone Dollur General or Targit to verify the validity of the ad?


"Thank you fur calling your local Bust Buoy, where we make yur shoppin' spearients more 'joy'ble daily. This is 'Heathur' how may I direct yur call? Please hold... I may help you? Please hold."

[palm over microphone, muffled]: "This guy wants to know if we are running a special on flat screens for $1."

[laughter]: "Click, hmmmmm."

Hello, hello?

end of scene

And, what's to stop anyone from generating the "ad"?
Alexander Mundy
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Re: Wal Mart Generosity

Postby Stevyn » Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:31 pm

i agree, walmart has crushed this nations backbone and community by killing all mom and pop shops. and treating their own employees as trash

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