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BP Oil Catastrophe

Postby Alexander Mundy » Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:03 pm

I find it difficlt to believe that the BP Oil Catastrophe hasn't been brought up yet.

I think there are many unconsidered consequences of the huge clouds of crude oil.

One issue that I think should be discussed is that of de-Gauss-ing ships.


As metal ships move through the ocean, they build massive static electricial charges.

It may also be true for aircraft but I don't know.

In order to minimize a ship's likelihood to detonate mines simply by passing near to them, the ship has to maintain as close to a neutral electric charge as possible.

The people on a ship that are charged w/ this duty are known, in the US Navy, as Snipes.

Before getting under way, a ship always has to be degaussed, hence the phrase, "If the snipes don't groove, the ship don't move."

As stated, the main purpose for degaussing in the US Military is to avoid unintended detonation of ordnance but the same principle holds true for any metal ship that may come in contact with any volatile substance SUCh AS, CRUDE OIL.

I wonder what is the likelihood that a ship passing through a massive pillow of crude oil could ignite the oil by discharge of static electric current, causing a fire.

If it did, the fire could grow and burn uncontrolabley for ... days, months, years(?)

A lightning strike or an asshole with a road flare could have the same effect.
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