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 Post subject: Kansas City Engineering firm; Kruger Technology Inc. (KTI)
PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 3:52 pm 

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Warning regarding soils engineering contractor to US Army Corps of Engineers at Fort Leavenworth KS, USAFAB Whiteman, Missouri Dept of Trans and KCI International Airport:

K.T.I: Kruger "Technologies", Inc. (formerly known as Knob Testing, Inc .[Knob Noster, MO) is run by state licensed professional engineers Otto Kruger, Lacy Crozier and their young son, Dylan Kruger. To a lesser extent, their E.ngineer I.n T.raining, Tadale Takalu, too is a deuche bag.

These four shit bags will say and write anything in order get what they want and they don't care how it ruins lives. Mainly, they are desperate for qualified employees but have such a apoor reputation that no one in the Kansas City area will come to work for them. So, they lie to those from out of state, promising the stars and the moon in order to get you to come to help them, then never produce, leaving you virtually homeless.

Letters will eventually be written to the USACE who runs almost all construction projects on federal properties.

There are dozens of other soils engineering firms in the Kansas City area; any of which would be great. Just don't hire KTI. Avoid Premier Testing, too. But, for other reasons.

They tried to ruin my life and almost succeeded. But, I survived and will come back to FUTAUD. I start again where I started so many years ago after buying IFJ #11, 12 & 13.

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