elite exchange one EX1-BBS documentation

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elite exchange one EX1-BBS documentation

Postby Stevyn » Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:57 pm

elite exchange one EX1-BBS documentation

download the PDF document. Thank you to Phil for scanning this:

::yell images/EX1-full_manual.pdf

Author: Stevyn Prothero
Additional Notes:

Stevyn says "EX1 BBS Software was sold nationwide for $25 (included all future updates free and instruction booklet), version EX1-185 was released on "qlink" and BBSs as a shareware version. Created in BASIC(blitzed) & ML By Stevyn Prothero aka IronFeather. I took ideas from C-net (like mci commands), ideas from COLOR64, Ivory, etc. I had a "spec" file it loaded first and that contained all the settings, I tried to make everything an "option". This of course confused many people, and made setup a workout. I also had some template files for questionnaires, new user apps, etc. Towards the end i added ANSI translation & was converting "adventure" like games over to work with it. Dam, if I had more tyme i would tweak it even now ;)"

Contact me directly: Ironfeatherbooks (@) gmail.com

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